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Fair-fee QR Code POS Payments

Save up to 80% from card payments fees and

boost customer experience

Our Product

ViaBank POS solution

Turn payments into an opportunity to grow your business.

At ViaBank, we believe that customers and merchants need seamless technology to help them build a relationship.
Traditional POS payments are expensive and leave merchants guessing who their customers are.
Every time a customer pays and leaves their store, merchants miss an opportunity to build a relationship with that customer.
ViaBank POS is a fair-fee POS payment solution, based on a simple QR code scan, which enables merchants to capture customer data post-purchase and build smart sales activities based on real customer segments.
Now every time a customer pays at ViaBank POS, merchants create an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship. 
Get in touch today if you want to learn how to activate ViaBank POS in your stores and save from expensive card payments fees.

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ViaBank POS vs Traditional POS 

ViaBank POS payment process
  • Cashier inputs payment amount in ERP/ViaBank POS interface

  • Customer scans QR code and pays by direct debit

  • Customer shares mobile, email or SoMe data

  • Customer receives regular upselling campaigns, while Merchant saves from card fees and re-acquisition costs

Traditional POS payment process
  • Cashier inputs the payment amount in ERP

  • Customer taps card and leaves, Merchant pays card fees for every sale.

  • Customer remains anonymous, which makes future upselling communication impossible, increases acquisition costs and creates a sub-optimal customer experience

Introducing ViaBank POS solution

The only POS solution to help you grow your business.

Fair-fee payments

Thanks to ViaBank Direct Debit infrastructure, merchants can save thousands from card fees per year. Share savings with customers to boost conversion, sales, and loyalty.

Build meaningful relationships

Capture customer data post-purchase. Launch SMS, Email, or Social Media sales funnels.

Build a connection with your customers even after they leave the store.

Customer profile insights

Unlock payment data to discover patterns about your customers. See payment frequency, timing, basket size, location and act upon it to grow your revenue.

Scan to Pay unlocks new ways to win customer loyalty

Scan to Pay
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Step 1 

The cashier selects the “Scan to Pay” option and enters the amount that needs to be paid.

The customer scans the unique QR code from a mobile phone and logs in to the preferred banking App.

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Step 2

The customer confirms the payment within his trusted bank app without any data being shared with 3rd parties. Both merchant and customer receive a payment notification.


Step 3 

The customer gets additional benefits and offers if he signs up for sms, email or other communication from the merchant. The merchant saves from card fees and wins a loyal customer. A true win-win.

Our Team

Our Team

Both Oggy and Martin, as founders of ViaBank, have a decade-long background working for the retail industry, mostly helping retailers with their marketing strategy and execution.
While working closely with retail executives across the CEE, they have come across a major pain point for retailers: the high cost of retail transactions and the complete lack of data and control.
ViaBank was born out of the necessity to significantly lower payment costs altogether and enable retailers to grow their business while measurably improving the customer experience.

Contact Us

Contact Us

33, "Simeonovsko shose" blvd., floor 2

Sofia, Bulgaria


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